In order to submit pastas to this wikia, you must atleast have 6 pastas and they must be of good quality. Also you must submit stories written by yourself. Only I can post pastas such as Ben Drowned etc. Also you must have been part of this wikia for 3 weeks and been an active member in chat. 

In order to submit art or creepyphotographs you must hatve atleast 5 original artworks and they must be posted on a site like devianart. 

In order to upload video, you must have a youtube channel with atleast 5 spooky videos. It does not matter the subscription count.

If you claim to be an active member in chat and no one knows who you are, you may never apply again. Also if you write, put in detail what kind of pastas you usually create ie: Rituals, Poems, Theorys, Lost episodes etc. If you feel you should be A verified user please creat a subpage by going into the adress bar and putting / followed by your username. Please link the app on this page along with a signature and timestamp. 

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